Environmental Law

Hellström’s environmental law group has a broad knowledge and in-depth expertise in the field of environmental law and the key areas of environmental law, e.g. environmental quality standards for water and protection of habitats and species. We assist our clients with complete support in all areas of environmental law and have the opportunity to create and structure client-adapted solutions with the highest quality.

The lawyers in the environmental law group act as legal advisors and representatives for operators, municipalities and industry organizations. We assist our clients in permit procedures, regulatory matters, remediation matters, legal investigations and environmental crime cases as well as in commercial transactions, e.g. environmental due diligence, together with our colleagues in M&A and real estate law. We have a great commitment to the issues we work with and a good knowledge of the field our clients operate in, as well as a large network of contacts and good cooperation with leading environmental consultants, which we see as a key to success in permit processes.

Among our clients are many operators in, for example, the energy industry, the waste industry, the manufacturing industry and the real estate industry. These consist of both large and small companies. We also assist authorities and municipalities. Our experience in environmental law includes everything from large permit processes for wind power plant, both onshore and offshore, hydropower plants, industrial and mining operations and legal investigations for government agencies to minor supervisory matters and training in environmental law.

We Offer Expert Legal Assistance With the Following:

  • Permits and notifications under the Swedish Environmental Code, both environmentally hazardous activities and water activities.

  • Reassessment of hydropower in accordance with the National Plan for Modern Environmental Conditions.

  • Waste management and Chemical issues.

  • Contaminated areas.

  • EU law; BAT and BREF, the Species and Habitats Directive, the Water Framework Directive, the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), etc.

  • Environmental quality standards for water.

  • Protected areas; nature reserves, Natura 2000, and protection of species.

  • Commercial transactions, Environmental due diligence.

  • Planning and Building Law.

  • Environmental Criminal Law.

  • Tailor-made training and lectures in environmental law.

Our Team:

  • Partner
    Lennart Melchior
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  • Senior Counsel
    Staffan Michelson
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  • Senior Associate
    Anders Östblom
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  • Senior Counsel
    Erik Alfort
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    Senior Counsel
    Erik Alfort
  • Associate
    Anders Wallin
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    Katarina Johansson
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