Employment Law

A basic precondition for a company’s success is a well-functioning personnel policy and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Hellström provides strategic advice and legal assistance in the event of dismissals, redundancies, reorganizations, breaches of competition clauses, and discrimination cases.

We also assist our clients in connection with dispute resolution in courts and arbitral tribunals and undertake assignments as external investigators in work environment matters concerning sexual harassment and discriminatory abuse.

We Offer Expert Legal Assistance With the Following:

  • Establishing and reviewing employment contracts.

  • Preparing policy documents and personnel manuals.

  • Handling questions regarding collective bargaining agreements.

  • Negotiating and assisting with consultations in compliance with the Co-determination Act.

  • Assisting in terminations due to redundancy and personal reasons.

  • Conducting court and arbitration proceedings.

  • Training in employment law.

Our Team:

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    Anna Fernqvist Svensson
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    Karl-Fredrik Björklund
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    Karl-Fredrik Björklund
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    Erika Juvander Heveus
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    Natalie Stjernström
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