Financial Services & Insurance

The financial services sector is characterised by a state of constant change, where the emergence of new and innovative financial products gives rise to the need for legal support.

The legal team at Hellström has many years of experience and unrivalled expertise in this area, allowing us to promptly respond to client needs. We are frequently engaged by financial institutions, as well as clients and suppliers of financial solutions.

In recent years, we have seen rapid changes in the financing of investments and the tailoring of financial products, including real estate finance and acquisition finance. Hellström has served in an advisory role in several major transactions. Our team has the skills and experience needed to assist our clients in this area, especially considering our combined expertise in real estate, banking and finance, and M&A. For several years, we have been listed in the Euromoney Legal Media Group’s ranking, “Guide to the World’s leading Banking Lawyers”. Navigating the legal complexities within the insurance industry has become increasingly challenging, and the business environment is also changing rapidly. Demographic shifts have made the life insurance industry increasingly relevant, while regulatory changes and product development have changed the landscape in the pension and life insurance sector. The property and casualty insurance industry has seen significant consolidation, and the Internet, with the e-commerce solutions it brings, has forced the industry to adopt new ways of thinking.

Hellström’s insurance practice comprises corporate insurance, regulatory issues, M&A, policy wording, insurance insolvency, and litigation and dispute resolution. Our team has extensive experience in the insurance industry, both as external advisers and in-house advisers. Here at Hellström, our greatest asset is our broad experience and in-depth understanding of the business environment.