PE & Venture Capital

Hellström’s legal team has vast experience in the area of investment and venture capital. We know what it takes to ensure our clients see a healthy return on their investments. We primarily represent foreign clients who want to invest in Swedish technology companies, from smaller start-ups to larger, more mature companies. Our legal work in this area includes due diligence, drafting of term sheets, subscription agreements, shareholders’ agreements and much more. We are also eager to represent the interests of founders and management teams in the target company where a venture capital investment is taking place. The latter is a task that can only be done properly by a legal team that offers experience and balanced advice.

Venture capital investments are complex and often extend across international borders. They require experience and a good understanding of the financial aspects as well as technical issues involved – from the initial investment until the exit several years later.

Our team works closely with our M&A team and other practice groups. This allows us to offer comprehensive legal services for the length of the investment, including additional financing rounds in the target company, bringing in new investors, contract negotiations, and other issues that may arise.