Data Protection & Privacy

Hellström’s data protection group has extensive experience assisting clients within the field of data protection and privacy. The team is led by one of the firm’s partners, Ms Anna Fernqvist Svensson. As we work in close cooperation with Hellström’s other practice groups, especially employment law, M&A, competition law and dispute resolution, we can offer the highest quality legal advice on all issues relating to data protection and privacy. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to all authorities, companies, and organisations that process personal data in any form. We provide expert legal advice to clients in both the public and private sectors. Our clients include larger listed companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, municipalities, municipal companies and organisations.

We undertake assignments that include client adapted analyses of the processing of personal data, and measures needed to ensure compliance with the GDPR. We assist with the drafting of policies, information messages and other documentation, and the handling of personal data breaches. We also assist clients with their long term GDPR compliance work, and more specific, complex legal issues within data protection and privacy.

We also offer training for employees, management groups and directors in the field of data protection and privacy.

We Offer Expert Legal Assistance With the Following:

  • Implementation of the GDPR in your business.

  • Data protection and cookie policies.

  • Information to data subjects.

  • Consent texts.

  • Data processing agreements.

  • Data deletion routines.

  • Management of data subjects’ rights.

  • Routines for photographing and filming.

  • Persona data breaches.

  • Data protection officer roles.

  • The Camera Surveillance Act.

  • The Patient Data Act.

  • Whistleblowing systems.

  • Contract negotiations and disputes.

  • Training.

Our Team:

  • Partner
    Anna Fernqvist Svensson
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  • Partner
    Karl-Fredrik Björklund
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    Karl-Fredrik Björklund
  • Partner
    Erika Juvander Heveus
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  • Senior Associate
    Natalie Stjernström
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  • Associate
    Andrea Bondesson Rolandsson
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  • Associate
    Arvid Rosenlöf
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