16 February 2023

European Guide to Support Employers - Remote Work in Europe

Johan Karlman has written the Swedish contribution to Andersen´s European Guide to Support Employers – Remote Work in Europe which was published on February 14, 2023.

Remote work is a rapidly growing trend in the European job market. Although the concept goes back more than 50 years, and in some European countries the issue was first regulated by law over 20 years ago, it has become far more widespread since the pandemic. Currently, the majority of employers realize that, sooner or later, remote, tele- or hybrid- work will unavoidably need to be implemented as a permanent solution rather than as an ad-hoc method of work in emergency situations (or whenever office work proves impossible).

Much has changed in the last two years, not only in the job market but also in the legislation of individual countries. The publication seeks to shed greater light on the legal solutions currently implemented in 29 European countries, from the types of telework and the procedures for its implementation, through the obligations imposed on employers and the rights of employees to aspects of liability.

We hope that you will enjoy the reading!