3 May 2021

Hellström Law Firm - 30 year anniversary

It gives me great pleasure as managing partner at Hellström Advokatbyrå to announce that this year we will surpass another milestone in the record of our law firm as we are celebrating our 30th anniversary.

I take this opportunity to thank each of you for your contribution to make Hellström Law firm the successful and respected company we today are very proud of. We started as a small law firm with big ambitions and over the years we have grown together with our loyal clients and our dedicated team of lawyers and staff. Throughout our history we have continued to take on new challenges, achieved great victories, and conducted difficult negotiations, but also learnt from our challenges and through it all, we have always been driven by the commitment to advise and support our clients in the best way possible.

Each one of our employees has had an important role in the successful development of the law firm and it is our employees’ passion, loyalty and competence that has made this law firm a success.

We are also thankful to our loyal clients, regardless of size, who have faith in us to assist them to provide perfect services. Their requirements, issues and feedback have encouraged us to strengthen and strive to improve our services. No marketing activities can ever replace the good reputation we enjoy from the recommendations offered by our clients.

Our commitment to our team, our clients and partners is to continue to develop our relations and always strive to excellence providing the best service and advise possible to all our clients.

To mark the start of the next decade in Hellström law firm’s history I am proud to announce the launch of our new website www.hellstromlaw.com.

Yours sincerely,

Mats Hellström